About us (me)

After years working for the biggest players in the IT industry, it is time for me to also help the little guy.

My name is Paul Geanta and I have been a System Administrator, Database administrator and developer for about 15 years. I really enjoy what I am doing, and I take pride in all projects I get involved with.

In January 2020, after the end of my last long-term contract with JPMorgan Chase, I decided to take small contracts also while looking for my next big adventure. The thing is that this has become my next big adventure.  To start I created an account on Freelancer.com and unexpectedly, I started to get contracts that were filling my days, giving me little time for job hunting.

I have become an expert with WordPress, HTML, PHP Javascript and Angular, technologies that I had used in the past but not as much as now. The truth is that during a long-term contract you become an expert at one thing, but when I work for myself, I get to use all the technologies I want, and the client really needs. Of course, the other advantage is that I can choose the contracts I like, and they are not imposed by a manager.

So here I am, after a few months still freelancing.

I have a strict Freelancer.com non-competition policy. This means that if you got on this page after you have posted your project on Freelancer.com, all business will be conducted through Freelancer.com. It is possible however, that I have bided on your project a higher price than what you see here for my services. In this case, please just let me know that you have seen a lower price for the same service on my website, and I will adjust my biding in consequence. It is very important to me to keep a good relationship with Freelancer.com and no transactions will be taken outside their platform, once they have been initiated through a posting-biding auction.

Thank you for your understanding.