Portainer the Window to Docker

I started using docker about 2 days ago and just as I know myself I already put it in production without knowing too much about it. Of course I had a bad experience, especially when after using a wordpress docker and doing development on the site, I did run: docker-compose down and then I did […]

Clean Docker Environment

In my fight with docker I need to have a clean environment. Here is how to get one: List all containers (only IDs) docker ps -aq Stop all running containers docker stop $(docker ps -aq) Remove all containers docker rm $(docker ps -aq) Remove all images docker rmi $(docker images -q) Remove all networks docker […]

Host your website at home (under construction)

All previous how-to-s are the preamble to the current post. In fact, what we desire is to host our website at home, and be in complete control on what and how we install on our server. At this point you should have an Ubuntu server on which Apache, MySQL, PHP and WordPress have been installed. […]

Install WordPress

If you completed Apache, MySQL and PHP installation you have all the blocks needed to install WordPress and start building quality websites with as much effort as typing a word document. WordPress installation on Ubuntu can be done using apt-get just as we have installed Apache, MySQL and PHP. However, this is not the preferred […]

Install PHP

Installing PHP on Ubuntu is not a complicated task. If you read the previous how-to, you will see that the php installation process is very similar to installing Apache or MySQL . Let’s get to work: First login your Server, start Terminal and become root user using “sudo su”. Next type the following commands (we […]

Install MySQL

Another important step towards a web hosting system is a backend database. On Linux many databases systems are available, but the one most webhosts use is MySQL. Besides MySQL, Postgres and MariaDB also deserve mentioning. The installation is not more complicated than Apache server installation (did you read the Install Apache how-to?) Start a terminal […]

Install Apache

Installation Installing Apache correctly is a very important part in your quest to Host your website at home. Luckily, on Ubuntu this is an easy task. I hope you went through the Install Linux how-to and you had the time to play around a little. But enough playing and let’s get to work! First, let […]

Install Linux

You heard about it, you are using it every day if you have a smart phone, but you never dared to get deeper into it and get your hands dirty. Let me introduce you to Linux. I will not go into the history and details, nor will I explain here what the difference between Linux […]