PC Support

Onetime PC Support: You have this problem with your PC that has been killing you for 2 days now and you are unable to solve? Let us help you. Onetime payment $24.99 and a professional will contact you shortly. We will not rest until your problem is solved.
Unlimited PC Support: Get unlimited PC support for one full year. Resolve your PC problems fast with the assistance of a qualified technician. Onetime payment $299.99.

I have a strict Freelancer.com non-competition policy. This means that if you got on this page after you have posted your project on Freelancer.com, all business will be conducted through Freelancer.com. It is possible however, that I have bided on your project a higher price than what you see here for my services. In this case, please just let me know that you have seen a lower price for the same service on my website, and I will adjust my biding in consequence. It is very important to me to keep a good relationship with Freelancer.com and no transactions will be taken outside their platform, once they have been initiated through a posting-biding auction.

Thank you for your understanding.