Phone Systems

VOIP Server Deployment: Need a VOIP server for your phone marketing campaign? We can install one based on a Linode solution. Price includes one-month basic Linode location. Onetime charge $199.99.
Phone Marketing (Asterisk Based): You want to start a phone marketing campaign but not sure how? We have the solution for you. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will have a plan tailored for you in minutes. Down payment required $299.99.

I have a strict non-competition policy. This means that if you got on this page after you have posted your project on, all business will be conducted through It is possible however, that I have bided on your project a higher price than what you see here for my services. In this case, please just let me know that you have seen a lower price for the same service on my website, and I will adjust my biding in consequence. It is very important to me to keep a good relationship with and no transactions will be taken outside their platform, once they have been initiated through a posting-biding auction.

Thank you for your understanding.