Onetime PC Support: You have this problem with your PC that has been killing you for 2 days now and you are unable to solve? Let us help you. Onetime payment $24.99 and a professional will contact you shortly. We will not rest until your problem is solved.
Unlimited PC Support: Get unlimited PC support for one full year. Resolve your PC problems fast with the assistance of a qualified technician. Onetime payment $299.99.
Onetime Website Modification: You need to modify text or images to your website. We can take the task off your hand. Up to 5 pages and 25 images updated. Onetime payment .
Unlimited Website Support: Keep your website up to date without effort. Unlimited text and images updates made by a qualified web programmer for one full year. Onetime charge $1599.99.
Server deployment: Most webhosting companies charge you a lot of money for private servers. They are doing a good job but we use our expertise to deploy a private VM hosted at Linode. We will install all software you choose for your server and make sure that everything is ready for your hosted application. Includes 30 days support. One time charge $199.99.
Wordpress Upgrade: Your Wordpress software, themes and plugins are out of date? Worried that an upgrade will mess up your site? Do not worry any more. We will clone your site in our testing environment, will apply the upgrades and will let you know how it will go before proceeding with your real site. Avoid all problems that a mishandled upgrade can create. Onetime charge $149.99.
SSL Installation: Not sure how to install your new SSL. Do you want more traffic? (google will index https sites higher). We will install the ssl you already have or get one for you and install it. We will make sure all traffic uses SSL on your website. Onetime charge $49.99.
Small Wordpress Website: Do you need a website for your business? We can create one very quickly. 5 pages website including Contact form is our out of the box solution. Please contact us for pricing on more complicated work. One-month unlimited text and images changes included for one charge $299.99.
VOIP Server Deployment: Need a VOIP server for your phone marketing campaign? We can install one based on a Linode solution. Price includes one-month basic Linode location. Onetime charge $199.99.
Phone Marketing (Asterisk Based): You want to start a phone marketing campaign but not sure how? We have the solution for you. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will have a plan tailored for you in minutes. Down payment required $299.99.
Online Store (Magento): Need an online store? We can help you with Magento, the most used Online Store application. Basic package includes installation and one-month basic Linode location. Onetime charge $199.99.
Customized Website: Please contact us to discuss for discussion and pricing. Down payment required $299.99.

I have a strict non-competition policy. This means that if you got on this page after you have posted your project on, all business will be conducted through It is possible however, that I have bided on your project a higher price than what you see here for my services. In this case, please just let me know that you have seen a lower price for the same service on my website, and I will adjust my biding in consequence. It is very important to me to keep a good relationship with and no transactions will be taken outside their platform, once they have been initiated through a posting-biding auction.

Thank you for your understanding.