FreePBX Refresh Signature

On freepbx if you modify .htaccess or any other file in html folder you need to run: fwconsole ma refreshsignatures This is to avoid “file tempering” message.

FreePBX Admin Password Reset

Connect to the pbx using ssh and root account. In a browser navigate to your PBX web interface and select ALL the content. The session ID is in white text on white background so selecting the text will allow you to see it. In your ssh session run fwconsole unlock fn7v38ue7gnrneqo2gu8aj0 Refresh your browser. Change […]

Windows Problems

The best place to find what is wrong with windows is the event log. In order to start the event log type “Windows-R” and: eventvwr Or you can simply open a command prompt and again type: eventvwr In powershell the command will be: evenvwr.msc In control pannel you can search for event. You do not […]

Portainer the Window to Docker

I started using docker about 2 days ago and just as I know myself I already put it in production without knowing too much about it. Of course I had a bad experience, especially when after using a wordpress docker and doing development on the site, I did run: docker-compose down and then I did […]

Clean Docker Environment

In my fight with docker I need to have a clean environment. Here is how to get one: List all containers (only IDs) docker ps -aq Stop all running containers docker stop $(docker ps -aq) Remove all containers docker rm $(docker ps -aq) Remove all images docker rmi $(docker images -q) Remove all networks docker […]

Broken Website!!!!

Your website is the face you present the virtual world. Your company relies on customers that find you online…. And now it is broken. Broken images, pages not displaying properly or even worse … just an empty page! Contact us using the chat system or the contact us form and we will get to work […]

Password Lost…

Somehow you typed the wrong password last time you changed it and now you have no idea what it was. Or you have not used this computer for 2 years and now you remembered that you have that important file on it…. But you can’t remember your password. Just contact us either through chat or […]

Get Help NOW!

Your computer is giving you all the troubles in the world and you need it NOW? Geek Squad placed you on hold to give you only …. “No help at all”? We are here and we are online now! We will connect to your computer using ConnectWise in … 3…2…1…connected! When you’ve got tech issues […]

Move WordPress

Either you change host, or if you are hosting at home you want a faster server, there are many reasons why you would need to move your WordPress site. Here we will learn how to do this. The Situation When I have build my site ( I decided to host it at home. If you […]

Host your website at home (under construction)

All previous how-to-s are the preamble to the current post. In fact, what we desire is to host our website at home, and be in complete control on what and how we install on our server. At this point you should have an Ubuntu server on which Apache, MySQL, PHP and WordPress have been installed. […]